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Locally Crafted Beer in Kagoshima

Are you looking for locally crafted beer when you visit Kagoshima? Hifumiyo Brewing, located near the heart of Kagoshima City, creates unique and exciting craft beers using Kagoshima’s agricultural products. By utilizing the seasonal bounty of the land, they brew craft beers that express the essence of Kagoshima.

Free-Spirited Brewing

While they take pride in brewing in Kagoshima, they also embrace a free-spirited approach to create new and unique Kagoshima craft beers. The resulting beers are highly distinctive.

The World Created by Craft and Art Brut

Hifumiyo Brewing’s craft beers are also notable for their highly distinctive designs. The labels feature Art Brut works created by people with disabilities and serious illnesses. After toasting, be sure to enjoy the Art Brut.

HMLV (High-Mix Low-Volume Production)

Hifumiyo Brewing is a very small craft beer brewery located in Shin-yashiki Town, close to Tenmonkan and Kagoshima Chuo Station. This town has a rich history, having been a base for the Satsuma Navy until the end of the Edo period and home to many samurai. It also produced Kiyotaka Kuroda, the second Prime Minister of Japan. In this historically rich town, they brew beer with the concept of high-mix low-volume production (HMLV) and a free-thinking approach.

Growing the Seeds of a Social Farm

We are challenging ourselves with brewing craft beer to create a future where people struggling with life, poverty, and disabilities can live together. The brewing of craft beer requires a human touch, and there is great potential for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to play a central role and make the most of their individuality. In the future, we aim to establish a social farm (social enterprise) in Kagoshima and are working towards creating a society of cooperation and coexistence beyond the boundaries of organizations and businesses.

Contributing to Kagoshima’s Agriculture

Kagoshima Prefecture is a region rich in natural environments, cultivating a variety of agricultural products over a 600 km stretch from north to south. In agriculture, some harvested products inevitably fall outside standard specifications. We actively use these non-standard agricultural products as secondary ingredients for our craft beers, starting a challenge to upcycle and create new flavors. Additionally, we collaborate with disability employment support facilities to convert spent malt from the brewing process into high-quality feed and fertilizer.

Where to Enjoy Our Craft Beers

We have a directly managed beer bar, 46Kagoshima Craft, located in Tenmonkan, the center of Kagoshima. Open from 3 PM on weekdays and from 1 PM on Sundays, this bar offers a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere where travelers can enjoy craft beer. You can enjoy not only Hifumiyo Brewing’s craft beers but also those from other breweries across Kagoshima Prefecture. Notably, all the beers are served fresh from the tap, not bottled. Please note that the bar is closed on Mondays. We also offer vegan-friendly dishes, which we highly recommend.

Additionally, you can purchase bottled beer at our brewery in Shin-yashiki Town on weekdays from 10:30 AM to 5 PM. On Saturdays, you can enjoy a selection of craft beers, including limited editions, in our brewery’s taproom from 1:30 PM to 6 PM. The brewery is closed on Sundays and Thursdays.

For More Information

You can find detailed information on Google Maps and Instagram. Enjoy craft beer in Kagoshima!

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